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  • Buying a home

    Interested in buying a home? Here’s where to start:

    1. Get pre-approved

      Contact us at 617-213-0086 or click here and a mortgage specialist will guide you through the pre-approval process. When we have the required documentation we’ll have your pre-approval letter to you within 24 hours or less. Once you have your pre-approval letter in hand, you’ll be ready start looking for a home.

    2. Start searching for homes!

      Back Bay mortgage brokers can consult with your real estate agent to help guide them in you home search. We also are more than happy to recommend some outstanding real estate brokers and salespersons we have worked with for many years.

    3. Make an offer

      Once you’ve found your dream, with your pre-approval in hand,  you are ready to make an offer .  When your offer is accepted, you will most likely have a home inspection within 10 days and move forward to signing the purchase agreement shortly there after.  You will also begin the mortgage application at this time.

    1.  Mortgage application

      Back Bay Mortgage Brokers will arrange your financing with our most competitive and efficient investor to close your loan quickly. Once your mortgage application has been submitted the lender will appraise your property and underwrite your loan request in approximately 3-4 weeks. We often have our clients’ loans ready to fund before the scheduled closing date.

    1. Close and Move in!

      Your closing will take place on the date specified in your purchase agreement at a time and place agreed on by all parties.  The closing attorney will walk you through signing all the documentation to complete your  home purchase.  There’s nothing like the feeling of moving into a new home. Refer your friends and family, and let them know how much you enjoyed working with BBMB.

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